A Spotify initiative to fuel equality in the music industry

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Together for change

Equalizer is a Spotify initiative that began in Sweden in 2017. The program supports female and non-binary songwriters and producers through education, inspiration and networking opportunities.

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Get inspired by some of the sharpest songwriters and music producers by heading over to the Equalizer tutorial playlist on Youtube.

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The numbers don’t lie

The average number of female songwriters and producers from the 50 most played songs on Spotify in 2019.

In Sweden


Female Songwriters


Female Producers

Who is included within female and non-binary?

With female we refer to anyone who identifies as female, cis or trans. With non-binary we refer to anyone who identifies outside the gender binary.

Who has been involved in Equalizer to date?

Since it launched in 2017, Equalizer has involved more than 100 songwriters, producers and industry professionals in networking sessions, the podcast, producer camps and more. We’ve had the privilege of welcoming some of the world’s greatest writers and producers on board, including Noonie Bao, Veronica Maggio, Katy Perry, Max Martin, Shellback, Kygo, Mabel, Linnea Henriksson and many, many more.

How can I get involved?

If you are a female or non-binary songwriter or producer, you can apply to upcoming events on the event page. For any other inquiries, reach out to us at equalizer@spotify.com.

Who can apply for the activities?

Equalizer is focused on giving female and non-binary songwriters and music producers support in their careers. However, we welcome all genders to join the journey towards equality, and invite facilitators, guest speakers and/or guests to our activities – no matter their gender.

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